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The safari-park is closed since the bankruptcy in January 2004 and therefore there are currently no visits possible.

The safari-park revitalisation company (RevitalisierungsGmbH) has closed a lease agreement with the local authority with the aim to open the safari-park in summer 2008.

New Concept

The plan is to visit the safari-park by foot instead by car - special footpaths are designed. At the beginning we shall restrict to animals that can be kept in the open-air all-the-year. Therefore, there will be no African ungulate animals at the start i.e. zebras, giraffes, antelopes etc. We will keep you updated about our progress and would ask you to visit our home page more often.

Registered Association MOMO - Shelter for exotic animals

MOMO is a registered association aiming at the rescue and the conservation of the Asian Elephant.
The association was created in an effort to provide shelter for exotic wildlife on the previous safari-park compound - especially for elephants, but also for big cats and primates.

The association is named after the late cow elephant 'Momo' of the previous safari-park. The lease agreement between the local authorities and the safari-park revitalisation company (Revitalisierungs GmbH) provides an new opportunity for the project "Shelter for Exotic-Animals". It is beyond dispute that this shelter would be very important and that the location in Gänserndorf would provide considerable advantages because the infrastructure is partly available.

Why is a shelter for exotic animals necessary?

It is sad but a fact that elephants, lions and tigers are still kept as circus animals. Animal protection organisations continue fighting against the inappropriate conditions that these circus animals are kept in. Some animals are kept in such bad conditions that confiscation of the animals through the authorities is necessary. Sometimes this necessary step is not possible simply because there is no shelter for these animals and no trained staff available.

MOMO provides a chance for an animal husbandry appropriate to these species in an natural environment.

If you see elephants, lions, tigers or apes that are kept in poor conditions and neglected get in touch with us. We will try to provide a suitable shelter within our means.

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